Course Description

Oil Gas well Drilling – IADC Dull Bit Grading (Tricone Mill Tooth and PDC bits)


Drilling bits play major role in drilling oil gas wells. If there is no Drilling bit there will be no oil gas well. It is very important for the rig personnel responsible on the rig including Assitant Driller, Driller, Toolpusher / Tourpusher and Companyman to properly evaluate pulled out bit from hole to for its worn/used condition as per International IADC standards for its Dull Bit Grading and record and report to base to facilitate optimize next bit performance and proper bit planning for drilling of the future wells more economically and efficiently.

Whats in the Course

Module/Chapters -The course consists of 3 modules

  • IADC Tricone Dull Bit Grading PDF
  • IADC PDC Dull Bit Grading PDF
  • IADC Dull Bit Grading Classification Chart (PDF)

Duration 3 hours

Requirements to join

  • Eagerness to Learn
  • Average English Language skill
  • Your Time

What you will learn

  • At end of course you will have known IADC Dull Bit classification
  • IADC Roller Bit Dull Grading
  • IADC PDC Bit Dull Grading

What you get as Freebies/bonuses

  • Download Baker Hughes TECH FACT Handbook (best in the oil industry)
  • Download Sii TECH Handbook

Satyawon Misra

Course curriculum

  • 2


    • IADC Drill Bit classification

    • IADC Dull Bit Grading Chart

  • 3

    IADC PDC Dull Bit Grading

    • IADC PDC Dull Bit Grading

    • Drilling Bits

  • 4

    IADC Tricone Dull Bit Grading

    • IADC Tricone Dull Bit Grading

  • 5


    • Tech Facts

    • Sii Data Handbook